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NFC Summit 24: from Web3 Conference to Web3 Festival

NFC Summit 24: from Web3 Conference to Web3 Festival

Hosting +5000 participants in Lisbon, NFC Summit’s festival-like 3rd edition got together 5 extraordinary events and an immersive program on digital culture, setting whole new standards for blockchain events.

A 360º Approach to Digital Culture

For three full days (and nights), NFC Summit conducted its visitors into the NFT universe, but also Meme Tokens, Ordinals, AI Movie, and Beach Parties between the iconic Carlos Lopes Pavilion and the stunning beaches of Costa da Caparica. Over 260 speakers, 80 sponsors, and dozens of artists, brands, and media from all over the world attended the event.

Lisbon was once again the world stage for key artists, brands, and entrepreneurs of the Web3 universe on art, fashion, and gaming, cheered by an incredibly diverse crowd. This edition was also particularly strong for business, generating strong sales for exhibitors, artists, and gallery owners. Art had a central role, with inspiring exhibitions and presentations from world-top artists and speakers such as Beeple, Deekaymotion, Claire Silver, Punk6529, and Patrick Amadon. R3D CARPET, the World’s first AI Movie Gala, presented by Leo Crane and Clare Maguire at NFC’s Main Stage, will stay in everyone’s memories because of its deep and elegant approach to talent and AI.

Ordinals Lisbon hosted Ordinals and Runes communities at a dedicated stage inside the 19th century pavilion and MEMECON celebrated the ironic and humorous vibe of memes and meme coins. To close this long journey of exhibitions, presentations, roundtables, and exclusive events, Off Moga: has three incredible beach parties to relax, network, and have fun in Lisbon’s sunny weather.

NFC’s organization shared both their excitement and gratitude with all attendees, partners, sponsors, artists, and collaborators who were part of this groundbreaking edition. 

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